Dendarah Court No.10

Ladies' Oriental Shrine of North America

Toledo, Ohio



Janet's Pearls of Aloha
Lady Janet Larson
Grand High Priestess

The Women Who Care

Na Wahine Malama

Dendarah Court No. 10, Toledo, Ohio Officers
Grand Officer
Lady Diana Schmitz, PHP
Grand High Priestess
Elected Officers

Lady Sara Ramsey  * High Priestess
Lady Dena Grevis-Smith *  Princess
Lady Alisha Stout * Associate Princess

Lady Anita Giles * Recorder
Lady Patricia Thakur, PHP * Treasurer

Lady Phoebe Basso* 1st Ceremonial Lady
Lady Joyce Bergman * 2nd Ceremonial Lady

Lady Carol Trehan, PHP * Trustee One Years
Lady * Trustee Two Years
Lady Cathy Smith * Trustee Three Years

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 Appointed Officers
Lady Judith Henry * Oriental Guide
Lady Jeana Sutphin-Gernert * Marshal
Lady Dyane Mikolas, PHP * Directress
Lady Heather Ramsey * Prophetess
Lady Barbara Hudson, PHP * Musician
Lady Shirley Bettinger * Inner Guard
Lady Karen McConnell * Outer Guard
Lady Karen Scribner * Marshal's Aide
Lady Deb Oswald * Assistant to the Recorder

Lady Janet Valade
Lady Faye Grevis
Lady Joan Gable
Lady Mary Fry
Lady Cheryl Luce
Lady Lori Davies
Lady Sue Williams
Lady Sue Gelbaugh
Lady Joyce Thomas 
Lady Cynthia Mohr
Lady Beverly Keller
Lady Reva McVay

Lady Joy Moore, Grand High Priestess with Lady Elaine Foss, High Priestess
Lady Diana Schmitz, Grand High Priestess and Lady Cathy Smith, High Priestess

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